Thursday, April 13, 2017

It Wasn't My "Time"

Now that it has been a little over a month since my cancer surgery, I have had time to reflect on the entire experience. From the time I found out I had skin cancer in January until right now, I haven't cried. I think that was because I was trying to convince everyone else that I was going to be fine!! One of the very hardest things I have ever had to do was to continue to tell Dominic I would be okay, even though I really didn't know.

It was difficult for Lauren, because she was at college and couldn't come home. My husband was so strong through all of this. He never for a moment was negative. He kept everything positive the entire time. I relied on my faith enormously. I told three priests about my cancer and one of them anointed me with oil. The feeling of calmness after he did that was incredibly powerful. When things are out of your control, sometimes the only thing you can do is pray. The amount of support I received from my family and friends was tremendous! I had so many people reach out to me, both publicly and privately that I realized I am very blessed to have such a huge support system. I told a lot of people about my diagnosis, not because I wanted to be the center of attention, but rather if just one person gets a full body exam to look for suspicious moles, then everything I went through was worth it. Malignant Melanoma is a very serious and deadly cancer. I have had people tell me I am "lucky." I have to 100% agree with that. I am lucky that the cancer was caught early. I am lucky that it hadn't spread. I was extremely lucky I only had to drive one hour to receive treatment. I had reconciled in my own head that if I was going to die, I was ready to go. Thank goodness it wasn't my "time." About a year and half ago, my dad had a massive stroke. He and I have had lots of discussions about what he went through and what I just went through and how it was similar. He came up with one word that describes what are lives are now. That word is "gift." We have been given the "gift," of extra time. That is something no one should ever take for granted.

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