Wednesday, June 4, 2014

The End of a Lunch Making "Era"

Lauren and I estimated that from the time she was in elementary school to the end of her senior year, I made her approximately 2,000 lunches!!!  It's the end of a lunch making "era." She would buy hot lunch from time-to-time, but not on any kind of consistent basis. While Lauren was perfectly capable of making her own lunch, I still made it for her. Since I was already making Dominic's and the hubby's, it wasn't any more effort to make one more lunch every morning. I figured she has plenty of time to be making her own meals soon enough, since she is leaving for college in August. Since Dominic gets pizza tomorrow for hot lunch and Friday is his last day of elementary school and he is dismissed at noon, today was the last day I have to make him a lunch until Monday, when he goes to a music therapy camp :)

One of the places we stopped at on our tour of the middle school for Dominic last week was the cafeteria.  He got to take a peek into the kitchen area, which I think he thought was pretty cool. It's a lot bigger than mommy's kitchen!  I had Lauren snap a quick picture of the food "offerings" for hot lunch:

Out of the seven items listed, I know he likes five of them (he's never had "bosco" sticks or sweet potato fries).  What is a "bosco" stick, anyways?!?!?!?!  I don't know that I've ever had one! I would be curious to hear from other parents of school-aged children.  Do your kids get hot lunch? all the time? sometimes? do they make their own lunch? or do you make their lunch?  I would love to hear!

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  1. A bosco stick is a large breadstick with cheese inside. I had never heard of them till I moved to OH. I figured it was a midwest thing! My kids often help get their lunches ready the night before and I do the final stuff in the morning. However, they are now in the "it's not cool" to pack a lunch phase. I dont mind them buying occasionally, but honestly, it gets expensive!!


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