Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Well Wishes

When I was growing up, there was a couple that lived right next door to us, MaryAnn and Harold. We were not related by "blood," but by "love." This is a picture from my 18th birthday and MaryAnn and Harold are standing behind me. My little sister is to the right of me :)

The "door" to their house was always "open," and she loved to bake!!  It was a sad day when they moved to Iowa, but I did manage to visit a few times!  A few months back, I found part of a card that had a message from MaryAnn. It was from the Christmas of 1995. She had wrote a note on part of the card. I guess I'm a bit of an "antique," because even though I communicate by e-mail a lot, I still think handwritten notes are pretty cool :) That must have been why I saved this particular one!

She was telling us that she, "hoped it was one of the very best and wished she could be with us to help celebrate." MaryAnn and her husband had a very long and loving marriage. When MaryAnn was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, she fought the good fight. She never, ever, let on how really sick she was. Sadly, both MaryAnn and Harold have both been gone over ten years. I so wish she could see how happy I am with my husband. This December, we will be celebrating 20 years of marriage!!



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  1. You are truly blessed, and so lucky to have had such a wonderful example next door. Love, Auntie


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