Tuesday, January 5, 2016

It Starts the "Conversation"

A t-shirt to me is like a walking "billboard."  It spreads a "message." When Dominic's teacher was ordering "Autism Awareness," shirts a while back, some of my family and friends ordered one.


I especially like the message on the front - "Autism Awareness - Accept - Understand - Love." This morning, I did a quick Internet search of "Funny Autism T-Shirts." While most of them were acceptable, I came across a few I would not consider acceptable, such as, "I Have Autism, What's Your Excuse?" and "Hey, Keep Staring at Me and You Just Might Cure My Autism, Then We Can Work on YOUR Social Skills." Oh, my. Never in a million years would I wear a shirt with those kinds of messages - it immediately puts the other person on the defensive!! When my brother wore his shirt around where he lives, he had someone come up to him and they started talking about Autism, it "started the conversation." Pretty darn cool, don't you think?

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