Saturday, November 3, 2012

Not Everyone Embraces the "Differences"

The special needs bowling group that our family belongs to started up again in mid-October. The group meets once a month from October until April and is sponsored by one of the local area churches.

One of the moms that I met last year came up to me and we started chatting and catching up from the last time we saw each other.  She has a son with Down Syndrome and he is getting ready to graduate from high school :)  I love this mom, she always has a smile on her face and has the best positive attitude about her son. She also has two older children that are typically developing.  She was asking me about Lauren and how high school was going.  She was telling me about her older kids and I was telling her about my stepson and his job.  Her son has been busy getting his senior pictures done and with everything else the last year of high school entails. My friend and I were chatting so much, the hubby had to keep gently "reminding" me when it was my turn.  Even though her son is about ten years older than Dominic, she is a wealth of information and a terrific resource.  One thing she said she has observed over time, is that not all people have embraced her son's "differences."  Her son is so sweet and kind.  He and some of his buddies were in the lane next to us and when Dominic had a good frame (he got a few spares and a strike), he gave Dominic a "high five." Very cool to watch :)  My husband remarked to me that he really enjoys the bowling group because everyone is kind of in the same "boat." All the parents have one or more children with special needs.  It is a very comfortable and relaxed atmosphere.  We all understand if a kid has a meltdown, cries, accidentally bowls in the wrong lane, or doesn't wait their turn.  We are all very accepting of each other.  I was thinking to myself, that if it wasn't for Dominic, I would have never met this mom and her son.  Those people that don't embrace others that are "different" are truly the ones that are missing out :) 

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