Monday, November 12, 2012

Too Set in My Ways??

When I go to the grocery store, I kind of get in the "zone."  I'm looking at my list, balancing coupons, looking for those good deals, etc.  Last week, when I was doing my shopping, I heard a voice say, "so, how is your week going?"  I looked over and it was the guy who stocks the shelves for Frito-Lay.  I have been going to the Kroger on Tuesday mornings around the same time for as long as I can remember.  I have bumped into my "buddy" on more than one occasion in the snack aisle.  I think I started chatting with him one time when his huge cart was in my way.  He's really nice and I asked him his opinion once about the flavor of the Lay's Dill Pickle chips, thinking he would have an inside track  :)  I told him that my week was going well and that I was going grocery shopping on a Wednesday just to shake things up.  He said, "it's not like we're in our routines or anything is it?"  We had a good chuckle, I grabbed two bags of my family's favorite potato chips and finished my shopping.  Good grief, am I so set in my ways that the Frito-Lay guy recognized me like he did?!?!  I know that I can pretty rigid sometimes (I'm working really hard on changing that part of my personality).  My hubby has been doing yoga every morning for over 30 years. It's definitely part of his morning "routine" and I've learned through the years to give him that space and time to himself.  I think it mentally prepares him for the day ahead.  There is very little about my life these days that is predictable.  I used to volunteer in the library at Dominic's school one day a week at the same time and on the same day.  I used to tell the librarian that even if the rest of my life was busy and unpredictable, I could always count on the sameness at the library.  I think it's good to be somewhat set in your ways, but also open to change.  Life is not always the same everyday and wouldn't it be boring if it was?

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