Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Home Cooked Meals

Lauren came home briefly this past weekend from college, in part, because she missed my "home cooked meals." She has asked me for years to make chicken pot pie and since previous attempts had not ended well, I kept putting it off. It wasn't until my best friend gave me a great recipe a few months ago, did I even want to attempt to make it again. Friday night, I made a roast chicken and homemade mashed potatoes (two of Lauren's favorite foods) and since I had about two cups of chicken leftover, I made a chicken pot pie on Saturday night and told her if there was any left, she could take it back with her on Sunday afternoon.  As I was getting ready to drive her back, she was like, "did you remember my pot pie?!?!?!?"  I quickly grabbed the container out of the fridge and she took it with her. When my stepson comes to visit, I like to feed him. I've been cooking for him since I met him over twenty years ago. He has barely set foot in our house, before I'm saying, "so, do you want something to eat?" A few visits ago for lunch, I asked him if he wanted a sandwich. I always have the "fixins" for a good sandwich here! I made the sandwich to all of his specifications. He called it a "piled high sammie with all the trimmings." Now, when Lauren or the hubby want a sandwich, that's what they call it too!  Besides Lauren taking back the leftover pot pie on Sunday, since we were leaving close to lunch time, she took a "piled high sammie" for the road. LOL. My mom is a great cook. She would make meatloaf for our family, even though it was not her favorite. My dad and I LOVE meatloaf!! When I go back to visit my parents, I always try to make at least two to three home cooked meals for them. One of those meals ALWAYS involves a two-pound or more meatloaf.  I want to make sure my dad has plenty of leftovers!!!! My mom would also make my siblings and I our favorite kind of cake for our birthdays. My favorite was and still is cheesecake. Technically, is a cheesecake really a cake? I'll have to look that up sometime! A handful of years back, when a friend of ours lost his wife, we invited him to our house for dinner. He thought it was a one-time deal.  We continued to invite him over until he met a wonderful woman and got remarried. When a friend is ill, had surgery or a new baby, taking a meal to them can really brighten up their day. Trust me, I have had people bring our family home cooked meals when we have needed them and it was awesome! What are your favorite kinds of home cooked meals? I would love to hear!

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  1. Limeade cupcakes or red velvet cake? Hmm...


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