Sunday, July 12, 2015

A Sister and Brother Summer "Bucket" List

Back at the beginning of the summer, Lauren decided that she would start a "bucket" list of activities that she wanted to do alone with Dominic. Given that she has her own car and license, I am not required to be a "chauffeur." This was an idea that she thought up on her own - I had no hand in it whatsoever. She told me recently, "it's fun to do "sibling" things with Dominic!!" In all ways, they are "typical" siblings. So far, they have watched a movie in a movie theater:

visited the library, played tennis and went for Slurpee's at the 7-Eleven!

This summer has been a bit of an adjustment for both "kids," because Lauren has a summer job and she is working long and late hours. When Dominic hears her car pull up in the driveway, he will come to the front door as she comes in and say, "surprise, welcome home La-La!" It definitely puts a big smile on her face (and mine). Lauren told me recently that she and Dominic have three more items on their "bucket" list - going to Dick's Sporting Goods at the local mall, bowling and ice skating. There are only six more weeks left before Lauren leaves for her sophomore year of college. They better get moving!

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