Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Airplane Etiquette

Since my parents have gotten older, I have made more frequent trips back to Maryland. In the past five days, I have flown on four planes. Based on my most recent flying "experience," I feel that an airplane "etiquette" post is in order. To the gentleman on my flight from Lansing to Detroit last Friday, I sincerely apologize that I was accidentally in your seat. It was early and I said I was sorry. I could have done without the "dirty" look, though.  Good grief man, it was 5:30 a.m.! On all four of my flights, I was in the aisle seat. That provided me with quite a bit of entertainment. Fellow passengers - please, please, please measure your bags before you leave to come to the airport, especially if you plan on them being your carry-on "item." To the gentleman who pushed his chest into the side of my head while struggling to fit the suitcase into the overhead compartment on the flight from Detroit to Baltimore, I'm so glad you decided to wear deodorant that morning. If you are waiting in line for security and hear someone behind you saying their flight takes off in 20 minutes, and yours doesn't take off for more than an hour, let them go ahead of you. I have missed a connecting flight and trying to reschedule can sometimes be very difficult. Consider it your good deed for the day. Some airlines don't provide complimentary snacks, so when I fly, I like to carry my own. To the person who was sitting behind me from Detroit to Lansing yesterday afternoon. I know you must have been hungry, but I'm curious as to why you waited until we were landing to pull out your lunch that smelled like it had an entire raw onion on it.  The flight was just 20 minutes long. The onion "fumes" had no where to go. The smell was so strong that I was tempted to pull down my oxygen mask. When the plane has landed and you are getting ready to exit, please take your turn. Let the people in front of you go first.  Finally, when you get to the moving carousel to pick up your luggage, stand back just a tad until you see your bag(s). Blocking the carousel so others can't get around you is not really polite!

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  1. Flying is stressful enough without people like Mr. Onion.


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