Thursday, October 4, 2012

My "Mandatory" Daily Coffee

I used to think the smell of coffee was one of the nastiest smells ever invented. Since I was about 12 (when I drank Tab out of a glass bottle for the first time), instead of coffee, I would drink a Caffeine-Free Diet Coke or Diet Pepsi first thing in the morning. When my husband and I first got together and he would see me drinking pop in the morning instead of coffee, I think he was taken aback a little. He has been a coffee drinker for a LONG time.  The hubby loves his coffee and I would sit looking at him wondering why he loved his "colored water" so much.  One day, when Dominic was a few months old, I decided to give coffee another try. Maybe it was those early days of sleep deprivation that was making my body need some caffeine.  Much to my amazement, I discovered I kind of liked coffee. Now, I absolutely HAVE to drink two cups a day - it is mandatory and helps me function :)  Lately, I have been waking up way too early.  To be coherent whatsoever in the morning, first thing I do is get that coffee machine going. I'm so impatient, sometimes I don't even wait for the coffee pot to fill up, I stick my mug right under the direct stream.  I'm a creature of habit, I drink out of the same coffee mug every morning. It's one I've had for a really long time. It was from a soap opera that went off the air a number of years ago :)  That will kind of tell you how old this mug is!

I never thought I would ever say this, but I look forward to my coffee every morning.  Any other late in life coffee drinkers out there?? I know I can't be the only one!!!


  1. That mug is a classic! :)

    I need my two cups as well: the first gets me moving and the second keeps me there.

    Linus V.P.

  2. I am drinking out of the mug right now!!


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