Friday, October 19, 2012

On Strike???

This week has been pretty busy and I haven't been home too much during the day.  A casualty of that has been the laundry starting to really pile up.  I figured I would get around to it this weekend. The hubby took a look at the big pile of laundry a few days ago and asked me if I was "on strike."  Sometimes my husband is a real comedian :)  When we got married, doing the laundry become one of my household "chores."  I wash all the dirty laundry, fold it and sort it, but my family members are responsible for putting their own clothes away.  It's a system that for the most part has worked well all these years.  A few weeks ago, I happened to have the television on in the early afternoon and caught a little of Katie Couric's new talk show.  She had a mom on her show that did go "on strike" from her household chores. The mom stopped doing everything like making meals, etc. for a set amount of time. I guess the mom was frustrated from picking up after her family and didn't feel appreciated.  Going on strike is a bit extreme, but maybe the mom felt she had no other choice.  Personally, I think it's better to talk to your family before it gets to that point. When you make meals, clean the house, wash dishes, etc., you might not always get a thank you from your family.  That's when it's good to give them a "gentle" reminder about all that you do, so they don't take you for granted :) One of the things I do almost daily is to sweep our kitchen floor and the hallways near our front door, closet and mudroom.  It's one of those "chores" that if I didn't do, the dust bunnies would be bigger than Dominic!! Some moms have set days they clean, wash laundry, etc.  I would get too stressed out having to follow some kind of schedule like that.  But, everyone is different. I say, if it works for you and your family, go for it!!  Yesterday, I did finally tackle that huge pile of laundry.  The hubby didn't say anything, but I think secretly he was happy I finally did it!!

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