Friday, May 1, 2015

Yes, I Know I'm a "Dinosaur"

This past school year, I helped co-teach a first grade religious education class. During our final class, a few weeks ago, I had to take an important cell phone call from the hubby. When I came back to the table and sat down to continue the lesson, one of the little boys looked at my phone and then at me and said, "you have a really old fashioned phone!" Yes, I STILL have a TracFone "flip phone." I communicate mostly by e-mail and Facebook, so I really haven't felt the need to switch to another kind of phone. Lauren taught me how to text a few years back, so when someone texts me, I can at least text them back!  A favorite saying of mine is, "good grief." The other day I caught myself saying, "heavens to murgatroyd." Yikes. I love to look through my old cookbooks and find "vintage" recipes.  Since becoming the program director of a disability ministry, I have met a handful of different priests and even a retired bishop!  Yesterday, I met with an 84-year-old retired priest who will be doing our Mass on Sunday. He is a busy man and his cell phone kept ringing. He was telling me how he just learned how to take pictures and put them on his smartphone!  I showed him my TracFone and he said, "I don't think I've ever seen a phone like yours." I looked at him and said, "yes, I know I'm a dinosaur!" LOL. I've been thinking lately, that maybe I need to have a new hairstyle, given that most of my life I have worn "bangs."

I don't know though, if it's a style that has worked for me for so long, why change it?!?!?!

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