Sunday, August 21, 2011

Early Mornings

I think anyone can relate that when you live in a house with at least one other person, it is nice once in a while to have a little time to yourself.  My special time for  a while has been Sunday mornings.  I walk 5 days a week, most of the time at 6 a.m. with a special friend who I feel so blessed to have met.  So, on the weekends, my body still thinks it's time to get up early.  I go outside, get the paper, whip up some coffee and usually go on the computer and check e-mails and yes, go on Facebook.  This morning, I was chatting with one of my hubby's buddies from Ohio.  Quite a few of his friends are on Facebook, but my hubby does not want to go on, so I talk to his friends.  His friend and I talked for a while and then he needed to go.  Granted, this was all before 7 a.m.!  I find that the early morning, especially on Sunday's help prepare you for the coming week.  My "baby" starts 10th grade this week, so I know it will be a busy week gearing up for getting her up "early" for school. Remember to always find at least a few moments to yourself every day!


  1. I'm an early bird too and love those early hours when everyone else is in bed. See you on FB!

  2. I totally agree. It really helps to have some time to collect your thoughts. I just need to remember to do this at work more often too...

  3. I still love getting up before everyone else and have "my" time!


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