Sunday, November 20, 2011

Group Hug

We recently had my stepson  fly in to town to visit.  He is an adult and on his own, but we always welcome him  back into the "fold"  when he comes.  We would love to see him more, but he is so busy with his job that we're happy for whatever time we have him.  We were lucky this time to be able to have him with us for four days.  We never know from visit to visit when we'll see him again, so we always try to make his visits a good time.  I have known him since he was 6.  He will be 28 in January!  As the saying goes,  time really does fly by.  He wasn't in our house five minutes before I was asking him if he would like something to eat!  I had a sandwich on the kitchen table for him within 15 minutes.  I love cooking and baking for him (I always have).  He appreciates it so much and always gives me  the best compliments!  How could I not want to feed him??   We made him an early Thanksgiving dinner, complete with pumpkin pie because he will not be with us on the actual day of Thanksgiving.    His returning flight left on Saturday at 9 a.m.   We all got up and out of our house by 7:30 a.m.  No easy feat for 5 people on a Saturday morning.  We chattered away in the car on the way to the airport all of us wanting to talk!  My husband was just going to drop him at the curb and I was like "no, you're parking the car and we're all going in to say good-bye!"  I was joking to my stepson that I should have made a sign saying, "Bon Voyage!"  He told me nicely that might have been a bit much.  Instead,  as we were saying our good byes near the security entrance we started hugging him one by one.  My 7-year old started to pull us closer together so I said, "group hug!"   So, the five of us did a  group hug.  It didn't matter to me who saw us doing that.  Some people might have thought it was something unusual to see at the airport, hopefully the people that did see it thought it was cool!  My stepson was very touched, so to me that was all that mattered.  He was feeling the love from us.  I love to give and receive hugs - that's just who I am!

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