Monday, November 7, 2011

Who Does She Think She is Wearing Those Shorts??

The title of this post is what I overheard an elderly  woman say about me when I visited my mother-in-law one time in Cleveland.  There were a trio of ladies that would hang out by the lobby and watch the people go in and out of the assisted living facility my mother-in-law lived in for about a year.  Those ladies would comment on everyone coming in and out, they really didn't have much of a "filter."  I didn't get too bummed out, because I walk 2 miles, 5 days a week, so I think my legs looked okay.  Later on though, it did make me wonder, what is my fashion style? Back when I was  in high school,  the style was bell bottom pants and platform shoes.  The "Izod" shirt was popular and something that I wanted all through high school, but never got!  I just wore whatever was comfortable, not paying a whole lot of attention to the current style.   I only went to college for a handful of semesters before I started working and going to college at the same time.  I  didn't pay attention to what I wore in college, because more than half of the time I went at  night and could just wear what I had worn to work that day.  I remember my boss at one of my past jobs demand that  I wear a dress or skirt because I was the receptionist.  That actually made what I wore easy!  When I started staying home with my kids over 15 years ago, my style became whatever was clean and not too wrinkled.  A few weeks ago I saw someone wearing pajama bottoms  at the store.  I was actually envious, at least she was comfy.  The only  time I get dressed up seems to be for special occasions or holidays.  I actually have to dust off my fancy shoes, because  about 80% of the time I wear my  tennis shoes.  I've started wearing socks with athletic flip-flops, but only when I'm going out  to get my mail or newspaper or driving the kids around.  I own lots of sweatshirts, t-shirts and a few pairs of jeans/shorts/capris.   I own t-shirts that I'm sure are older than my daughter.  Just last week my hubby and I we went to see a concert and I bought a t-shirt (a vendor was selling them dirt cheap, so I couldn't pass up that)! After thinking for a while, I've come to the conclusion that my "style" is  casual, sporty and sometimes "bohemian."  When a t-shirt and shorts/jeans are just a little too casual I like to wear a shirt that's got a pop of color.  Not so outrageous that you need sunglasses because it's so blinding, though!   I guess as I head towards 50 (less than 2 years from now),   I will stick with what's worked for me so far as an adult.  When it's time for me to be in assisted living (hopefully not until I'm about 90)  I'll be the one walking around in shorts (just to shake things up a bit)!


  1. Please make sure the shorts you wear reach your knees and are purple when you are 90. Also a red had would make the outfit complete. Auntie

  2. I think that the older you get, the nicer you dress, so I can't wait until I'm 65. I bet I'll knock 'em dead with my dressy appearance by then


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