Wednesday, November 23, 2011

A Tribute

This Saturday (November 26) has a special significance for me.  My beloved cousin that passed away  in March would have been 50.  She left behind so many people that struggle with the loss.  My cousin was one of  a  twin and she also has a younger brother.   My aunt (her mom) is one of the many people that loved and adored my cousin.  I have written about my "Auntie" before.   She was married to my mom's brother.  My aunt took care of her husband and at the same time helped to take care of my 101-year old grandmother until both of them passed away.  She and I talk a lot about what it is like to be the "caregivers"  in our families.   My aunt and I  have a really tight bond and we are incredibly close.  I cherish my relationship with her.  She has been a good sounding board for me and I hope that I have been the same for her.  She has been one of my son's biggest supporters through all of his challenges.  My kids absolutely adore her and when we visit the East Coast a visit to see my Auntie is always a must!!!   I think the loss of a child, no matter how old they are, must be the hardest thing to deal with in the whole world.  I can't even fathom how my aunt manages to handle that loss on a daily basis.  I know that  Saturday will also  be a very hard day for my cousin's two siblings.  My  twin cousins and I were pretty close growing up.   I remember one time they showed me a box that they said  held  our great grandfather's glass eye inside of it!  I don't know if it really was or not, still not sure to this day!  I always looked up to them because they were a little older than me.  Being twins, I always thought that was cool, because they always had a playmate.  My cousin left behind a daughter, who I am sure struggles with the loss a lot.  I still have my mom, so I really can't imagine what it has been and what it will be like for her in the future.  I will be thinking of you, dear, sweet cousin this Saturday and will be remembering you and loving you with all of my heart.

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