Wednesday, February 29, 2012

My Gray Hair

Why is it that gray/silver/white hair on a man makes them look distinguished, but on most women it ages them?? My first gray hair made it's appearance when I was 17 and they have steadily multiplied throughout the past 31 years.  I'm not even sure my hair could be considered to be gray anymore, it's current color is white as snow.  I went a really long time before I started coloring it myself.  I only started about eight years ago.  Since I wash my hair every day, the color starts fading quickly, so I have to do it every two weeks. When I first met my husband his hair was very dark brown.  Over the 21 years that I have known him, his hair color has changed.  It's now what you would call, "salt and pepper."  On him it looks great!!  I pay about $2.50 a box for my hair color and I do a reasonably good job of applying it myself.  I'm too frugal to go to the hair salon and let them do it.  I did ask the last time I got my hair cut how much it would cost for them to color my hair, it was over $50 and I go to a cheap place!!  If you think about the ladies in Hollywood that were at the Oscars a few days ago, how many had gray hair? Could any of us picture Angelina Jolie with gray hair? I know I can't! In Hollywood, everyone wants to look A LOT younger than they actually are. I'm not trying to look younger than I am by coloring my hair, I just don't want to look a lot older than I am, plus the hubby likes that I color my hair, even though he says that I do it too much!!!

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