Friday, September 28, 2012

Texting Update

Back in December of last year, I wrote about how I was pretty resistant to texting.  Well, I'm here to say that my resistance has been replaced by some amount of confidence in my texting abilities.  What I've definitely come to realize is that texting knows no age limit.  My teenage daughter is ecstatic that she can text me now and I text her back.  Last weekend, two of my friends and I were at a sporting event and we all had our cell phones out and we were comparing them to each other.  I use a TracFone which is a pretty basic phone, but it works for me.  On my birthday last year, I tried to upgrade my TracFone and after several frustrating hours trying to get my number switched to the new phone, I couldn't figure it out.  I ended up sending the phone back :(  I'm still learning cell phone "etiquette."  One of my friends was wondering if I was upset or mad at her because a lot of my texts to her end up in capital letters (like the text below):


I had to explain to her I was still kind of figuring out what I was doing and didn't quite have the hang of putting my texts in lower case letters :)  It's kind of interesting in our house with our cell phone plans.  Lauren, the hubby and I all have different phones and different cell phone plans. I have to buy minutes as I need them with my phone, Lauren has a monthly plan with unlimited texting and my husband has a plan that doesn't have many minutes during the week, but extra minutes on the weekends.  I NEVER thought I would say this, but I actually kind of like texting.  The hubby is still resistant to texting and once in a while someone will text him, but he doesn't know how to text them back.  Maybe I should give him some "lessons!!"

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