Tuesday, January 8, 2013

A Real "Comedian"

One thing that has slowly evolved over the past couple of years with Dominic has been watching his true personality come through.  He is a lot like me in that we think similar things are funny and we both tend to be kind of silly sometimes. For the past couple of months, Dominic at least a few mornings a week, will take all of his sheets off his bed and toss them in the middle of the bedroom floor. When he does it, I will ask him, "so, do you think that's funny to take the sheets off your bed??"  His response is always the same, "YES!" Over the weekend, my husband was watching a football game on the television. It was the Washington Redskins game which is rarely on here where we live and the hubby was pretty engrossed in watching it. Dominic kept positioning himself right smack in front on my husband and kept sticking his finger up his nose. I was in the kitchen kind of chuckling to myself.  Another thing Dominic likes to do is to build a tower of wood blocks and then knock them over on the kitchen table while my husband is sitting there just to get a rise out of him.  I try not to laugh, but it is kind of funny, he looks right at my husband while he's doing it! From time to time, Dominic will call me "grandma" just to bust my chops.  I always say the same thing back, "I'm old enough to be your grandma, but I'm mommy!"  The picture below is one I took during the summer.  The little stinker filled the bucket part of the way up with water and then proceeded to throw it at me.  Look at that smile - he knows EXACTLY what he is doing!!!

We like to tell Dominic that he's a real "comedian" when he goofs around with us.  I think it's actually kind of cool.  Trying to engage us and get our attention is a non-autistic behavior.  Maybe Dominic has a future in comedy, who knows???  Only time will tell :)

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