Thursday, January 31, 2013

Senior Citizen "Discounts"

The hubby went to a sports competition recently by himself that Lauren was participating in.  He was telling me that when he pulled out his wallet to pay the admission fee of $5.00, the cashier took a look at him and informed him there was a senior citizen "discount" available to anyone 60 and over. Since he met that  qualification, he was able to get in for free.  He also had someone ask him at the competition if he was another teammate's grandfather.  My husband likes to pride himself on the fact that he doesn't think he looks his age, so having both things happen within the span of a few hours might have bummed him out just a little :( When he was telling me all of this, it got me to thinking, what other kinds of senior citizen "discounts" are out there??? Has he already missed out on a bunch of savings??  Both my husband and I are considered to part of the "baby boomer" generation (born between 1946-1964). I remember thinking when I first met my husband, that he was my age.  This is a picture from when we first met.  Wow, look at the size of those glasses!!!

Fast forward to 2013.  I no longer wear my hair so short or get perms and my hubby's hair is now silver.

I like to tell my husband that he is like a fine wine, he has aged very well :)  Having children that are 29, 16 and 8 are what is going to keep us young.  I personally am looking forward to turning 50 this coming July, I can officially join the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) and start getting some senior citizen "discounts."  To celebrate my birthday, maybe we'll take the kids out to a restaurant that has an "early bird" dinner!

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