Sunday, February 10, 2013

Following the "Rules"

I am a big "rule" person, always have been.  I feel that rules are there for a reason.  Back when I would pick up Lauren at her elementary school, I would watch the same mom pull past everyone else (including me) and park about two feet from the stop sign that was right in front of the entrance to the school.  I would always just kind of scratch my head and wonder why she didn't think the rules applied to her. Everyone else waited along the curb in the line of cars, why shouldn't she?? For some reason, did she feel "entitled" to getting that parking spot? To me, I just thought it was rude!! While watching Lance Armstrong admit to taking certain drugs to help him be a better cyclist, it made me think about that mom at Lauren's school.  They both kind of felt that the rules didn't apply to them. How about when people park in a handicapped parking spot, just because it's closer to a building? and they are not disabled? I personally believe that learning to follow rules starts very young and begins at home.  If you choose to send your kids to school and not homeschool, then there are many rules that they follow at school, such as no yelling or running in the hallways.  There has to be rules in sports, what if there wasn't?  It would be total chaos!  A really good rule when you have kids is having a regular bedtime. What about "unspoken" rules? like removing your hat when you are in a restaurant? or giving up your seat to a mom with small children on a crowded bus or subway car? I know that I personally have more respect for people that follow the "rules." To me, rules and respect go hand-in-hand!

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