Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Sharing the Love

A common characteristic among autistic children and adults is impaired social interaction.  Back in August of last year, I wrote about Dominic saying "I love you" to me for the first time ever.  It has taken him this long to say it again.  This past weekend, he wrote this:


An hour or so later he said, "I love mommy!"  Wow, it was all I could do to stop myself from crying tears of joy.  Some autistic children and adults never talk, much less show such affection.  We are still so happy for every new word and/or sentence that he says.  Dominic is an affectionate guy - he loves to give hugs and kisses. No one is a stranger to Dominic!  There was a little girl in his class for a few years that has since moved away.  He STILL talks about her.  I think she was Dominic's first "girlfriend."  I asked him if he was talking and thinking about her more because it was close to Valentine's Day and he said, "yes."  I guess they share a special connection.  I love that Dominic still calls me mommy and wants to snuggle close to me.  He shares a special sibling love with Lauren and my stepson.  My hubby and Dominic have a very close bond.  Dominic is very lucky to have many people in his life that accept him and love him for who he is.  He does have some impaired social interaction, but I'm glad that sharing his love with us is not one of those things. I feel blessed that we were chosen to be his family, we are truly the lucky ones :)

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