Friday, February 22, 2013

Social Media

I thought I was so cool when I finally learned to text with some confidence.  Now, the "in" thing seems to be Twitter. I read in my local paper recently about a company that is hiring people based solely on how they respond to Twitter "tweets." Instead of a traditional face-to-face interview, it's called a "Twitterview."  Pinterest and Instagram are pretty popular too.  Digital cameras make it so easy to take pictures and see it instantly. I'm sure many of my friends around my age can remember taking the film out of a camera and having to mail it away in an envelope and then having to wait at least one week for the pictures to come back.  I thought I had mastered our digital camera, but a few months ago Lauren said, "do you know you have the setting on wide angle?" Social media has definitely changed the way we communicate with each other.  Back when I was Lauren's age, I called my friends on the telephone. I used to envy friends that had their own phone "line."  How about pen pals?  Did anyone else have those growing up, besides me?? These days, teens talk by "texting" or "tweeting."  If you have a teenager, ask them the last time they talked on the phone to their friends.  I know I can't remember the last time Lauren chatted on the phone with her friends - it probably was around the time she got a cell phone! I guess I'm either stubborn or a "dinosaur" because my preferred way to talk to my friends is still on the phone.  E-mail and Facebook are a close second and third, respectively. What is Tumblr?? and Digg? I've heard of them, but I'm not quite sure what they are. How about you? have you kept up with all the different kinds of social media?  I think I'm still a work in progress!!!

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