Tuesday, March 26, 2013


When Lauren was in elementary and middle school, I volunteered as much as I could in her classroom and at the school.  Now that she is in high school, the volunteer opportunities are not as plentiful as they were when she was younger, though some do exist :) Volunteering in Dominic's classroom has been very minimal since he is in a special education classroom.  He is into his routine and schedules and if I showed up (unannounced), he would automatically think something is wrong.  I have had to find other ways to give of my time at his school.  A handful of years ago, I used to be that gal that would "over volunteer" and I would be completely overextended and exhausted.  What I have discovered as I have gotten older, is that it is okay to say the word "no" when someone asks you to volunteer.  When you say that word, though, it's sometimes hard to not feel a little guilty about it!  I currently serve on a committee with a multi-year commitment at my church. There is much, much more I would love to be doing at my church, but with Lauren heading towards her senior year of high school and Dominic starting fourth grade in the Fall of 2013, I know that is not possible at this time. I have never forgotten something a fellow mom told me once.  We were discussing how children need you so much when they are young.  I couldn't picture Lauren being a teen (she was only in second or third grade at the time). I was telling my friend something like, "oh, they don't need you as much when they get to high school!!"  My friend who has three children (all older than Lauren) remarked back to me, "oh, they need you more!"  She was right :)  I would love to be able to deliver meals to the elderly and work as a volunteer for people in hospice. Now is not the right time for those things.  Lauren, Dominic and my stepson, though they are all different ages, all need me in different ways.  When the kids get a little older, there will be plenty of time for me to volunteer more and I'm okay with that.

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