Friday, May 17, 2013

The Mystery of the Missing Sock

I do all the laundry here at our house.  I jokingly call myself the "laundry staff."  For the past two or three weeks, my husband has been bugging me about a sock.  He generally replaces his socks when they get huge holes. This one particular sock he was looking for was part of a pair that he recently bought.  At the beginning of the week,  he started asking me again in earnest about the sock.  I decided I really needed to find it. The hubby was kind of becoming like a dog with a bone - he wouldn't let it go!!!!! This past Thursday morning, before he left for work, I told him that I would try my absolute hardest to find the missing sock.  First, I emptied out the two baskets of dirty clothes. I actually looked through both baskets twice.  Nope, didn't find it in there.  Second, I went through all of Dominic's clothes.  I had begun sorting the clothes that didn't fit him a few weeks ago and had it on piles on a couch in his room.  But, his latest thing to do is to go up there and toss all the clothes on the floor so he can lie down on the couch.  I finally finished the sorting and made a pile to donate and put the rest in his dresser. Still no sock. Next, I looked under the family room couch, thinking maybe the hubby had took his shoes and socks off and one went under the couch.  Nope, still didn't find it. After taking a little break, I found a flashlight and jumped up on top of the dryer and looked behind thinking it might have fallen back there.  Do you think it was back there? no, that would be too easy!  By this time, I was starting to get a tad frustrated.  Even though I do all the laundry and fold it, I make the others in my household put their own clothes away.  I was thinking that possibly, the hubby's sock could have landed in Lauren's room. She has a pair of knee socks that are a similar pattern to my husband's new socks. Sure enough, when I opened up her dresser drawer where she keeps her socks, there it was!  Of course, it was the very LAST place I looked.  When I was telling Lauren about the day's events after school, she said, "oh, I knew it was in my drawer, I just forgot to tell you!" Hmm, guess I should have asked her first, before I decided to try and be Sherlock Holmes. Oh well, at least the mystery of the missing sock is solved!

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