Wednesday, May 22, 2013

What Would You Have Done??

A handful of months ago, someone found a check of mine in a parking lot and took the time to put it in an envelope and mail it back to me. I was sincerely touched. Well, a few weeks ago when I was coming out of the grocery store, I noticed there was something under the windshield wiper of my car. Upon closer inspection, I noticed it was a utility bill in an envelope.  I think what happened is, somebody found it on the ground, near my car and assumed it was mine, so they tucked it under the wiper.  The bill looked ready to go, it was addressed, had a return address, was sealed up and had an uncancelled stamp on it.  Since the grocery store and the post office are pretty close to each other, I zipped over and put it in the mail box. I guess I could have tossed the envelope on the ground, but that's not my style.  I felt since someone a few months back took the time to mail me back my check, I needed to take the time to mail this bill that was under my wiper.  I really couldn't live with myself if I hadn't mailed it. It could have been an elderly person who is on a fixed income or a single mom on a limited income. Maybe if they didn't pay this particular bill their electricity might be shut off.  I have no way of knowing, I just knew that I had to mail it.  When I relayed the story to my husband, he said he would have mailed the bill too.  How about you? What would you have done? Would you have taken the time to do something like this for someone you didn't know??

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