Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Dressing Room "Etiquette"

Yesterday, Lauren and I went shopping for some clothes for her (now is the best time to find deals on anything summer related - which is what she needed), plus of course I had some coupons that were expiring soon! Anyways, given that she was going to be trying things on meant we were going to be using a dressing room.  I have written posts about etiquette in the library, parking lots and manners in general, but based on yesterday's experiences and past ones, I felt that a post needed to be written about dressing room "etiquette."  Hang on, I'm hopping way up on my soapbox!!  The following are some rules that I wish my fellow shoppers would adhere to.  Rule #1 - to the woman a few feet away from us at one of the major department stores yesterday afternoon, while I'm sure you were happy to hear from your friend on your cell phone, launching into a ten-minute conversation about getting your hair done and your upcoming vacation to Illinois, at a minimum, could you please take your phone off the speaker setting? We could hear every morsel of your conversation, plus what your friend was saying.  Rule #2 - if you blow your nose, please put your used tissue in the nearest trashcan, not on the floor or on the seat in the dressing room.  Rule #3 - as hungry and thirsty as we all get while shopping, would it possible to find the nearest bench outside the dressing room to eat?  Finding bits of food on the floor is not very appetizing!  Rule #4 - if you try on a bunch of clothes and they don't fit, could you please put them back on the hanger and return them to the rack outside the dressing rooms? or to the attendant? Tossing them on the floor, on the chair or even hanging them on the hook inside the room makes it hard for the person coming after you to find available space to try on their clothes.  Rule #5 - if the store is really busy and dressing rooms are at a premium, could you please try to adhere to the limit specified by the store?  Trying on 20 outfits when there is a long line of people is a sure way to get dirty looks.  Rule #6 - if you must change your child's diaper in the dressing room, could you please put the dirty one in the nearest trashcan?  Rule #7 - chewing gum does give you fresh breath, but when the gum is done, please wrap it up in a napkin or tissue and take it with you to dispose of later. Rule #8 - I absolutely love children, but if I'm trying on a bathing suit, it's probably not a good idea to have your child(ren) peek under the dressing room door and start a conversation with me.  Now that I'm done, I'll jump back down off the soapbox! I'm not asking too much of my fellow shoppers, am I??  Let me know your thoughts!!

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