Thursday, June 13, 2013

"Helicopter" Dads??

During spring break, Lauren went on a tour of the local university.  The hubby is much more familiar with the campus, so he drove her over to the building where the tour was starting.  When he got back home from dropping her off, I asked him how it went.  He said when he took Lauren to the room where the tour was beginning, there were already kids in the room waiting for the tour to start. Only one kid still had their parent hanging out with them. I asked him if he had thought about waiting with Lauren until the tour "officially" started and his response back to me was, "well, I don't want to be a "helicopter dad."  Dads, I think are sometimes especially overprotective of their daughters.  I know my own dad still kind of is even though I will be 50 in a few weeks :)  My hubby has two sons, but Lauren is his only daughter. Since the hubby is an only child and didn't have any sisters, he isn't quite sure about the "girl" stuff sometimes! Case in point -  I took Lauren looking for bathing suits a few months ago. She knows that before I will buy her a suit, it has to pass my final "inspection." The hubby's response when he saw one of the suits on her was, "you're not wearing that out in public, are you??" Poor guy, I think if he had his way, she would wear a bathing suit from the 1900's. I think it was easier for him when one of Lauren's only main requirements was a bottle :)

My husband is a great father.  When I met him, my stepson was just about to turn 7.  He has always been there for my stepson when he has been needed - hard to believe he will be 30 in January!!  They have always had a great relationship and even though he now lives far away, they have a close bond. They can talk about sports for hours :) Many men my husband's age have grandchildren Dominic's age.  I think he likes to blow people's minds by telling them he has an 8-year old!  I love when my stepson visits and my husband is surrounded by the three kids.  It is one of the coolest things to watch, especially considering the wide age ranges. It is a fine line for fathers, you want to give them their independence and teach them the skills they will need throughout their lifetime, but at the same time, sometimes you want to help them more than they need to be helped.  I think being a "semi-helicopter" dad is good - be "hovering" just in case!

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