Thursday, May 17, 2012

Inappropriate Commercials

During dinnertime, we usually have the television on in the background.  A few weeks ago during dinner, a commercial came on.  Let's just say, it was for men with certain private "issues."  It was about 7 p.m., which I consider to be prime family time.  Lauren  and Dominic were there with us at the dinner table.  They didn't really notice the commercial, but I did and I kind of went off about it.   My family is used to me getting up on my soapbox :)  It seemed pretty inappropriate considering the time it was on. I don't think a little kid like Dominic's age (7) should have to be asking their parents what Viagra is!!   I can remember when certain feminine hygiene product commercials were considered to be pretty taboo.  Those commercials are all over the place now, on at all different times.  I understand that advertisers need to make money, but having those type of commercials on during the time frame of 7 - 10 p.m. seems kind of tacky.  Anybody else offended by some of the commercials that have been on television lately??  Call me a little old-fashioned, but I think some of them are pretty inappropriate!!

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