Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Conversations with My Dad

Back in the middle of May, my dad flew out to visit our family for a week. I enjoy these visits, because he has got to spend more time with the kids and has really gotten to know them much better.  He is amazed by how much progress Dominic has made.  Lauren and my dad love to talk about anything history related (which makes me want to take a nap)!!  As my dad gets older, I am reminded that his trips here to visit us will become more and more difficult for him to manage.  This past March he turned 77.  It's hard for me to believe that in three years he will be 80.

The picture above was from a really long time ago, I don't even think I could sit up yet, so I'm guessing I was less than six months old.  It's kind of interesting my dad is putting a hat on my head, because I absolutely detest hats!!!  I love having conversations with my dad.  The morning of my wedding, I remember I couldn't sleep (guess I was nervous). I spent the night at my parents house and my dad was up really early, like me.  The house was very quiet and he and I sat talking for a couple hours.  It was wonderful that he and I were able to have that time together, before my wedding. I loved that he was able to walk me down the aisle.

It was very special.  As my dad (and my mom) age, my trips back to Maryland will probably become more frequent.  I told my dad that I'm only a plane ride away should he or my mom need me.  He still likes to call me his "baby" even though in about a year I'll be 50. If you are still lucky enough to have your dad in your life this Father's Day, then you are truly blessed.


  1. Beautiful wedding picture and a touching blog about dads, Aunt Cathy. I hope I get a moment with my dad before my big day the same way you had yours.

  2. Thanks Miss Katy, do you remember when you went down the aisle at our wedding?? You were barely two years old :)

  3. Great pic and memories......I have been without my Dad for almost 22 years now so I understand how every moment and memory can become special. So thankful my mom is here. She just turned 81 and I love our time together.

  4. Thanks so much for your comment and for sharing. I was very close to my father-in-law and he has been gone over 7 years. I still miss him alot!

  5. No dad in my life now or dad for my kids. Just memories. Thank goodness we have those. Make as many more as you can with your Dad and your children's dad. They sustain you. Love, Auntie

  6. Memories are still wonderful :)


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