Friday, June 15, 2012

Snug as a Bug in a Rug

For a while, Dominic's bedtime routine would involve the hubby, Lauren and I each reading him a certain book.  The hubby's was called, "Dirty Larry", mine was "Animal Babies" and Lauren's was "Surprise." We had to go in his room in the same order and read only those certain books to him.  I had high hopes it would last for a while, it lasted about a month.  Since that time, it has evolved to no book, but instead each of us still going in to his room, in the same order. When my husband goes in, he says to Dominic, "I'm going to make you snug as a bug in a rug." He tucks Dominic in real tight, he has always liked that tight compression wrapped around him.  He also requests the hubby put a blanket on the bed called the "rainbow" blanket, even though there are bears all over it.  He usually tosses it on the floor just to bust the hubby's chops :)  My husband then says, "who's next?"  Dominic says, "mommy."  The hubby leaves and I come in.  My good night to him is short and sweet.  I lean over, give him a kiss and say goodnight.  I say, "okay, who's next?" He says, "La-La."  That's his nickname for Lauren.  She likes to tickle him and give him a kiss goodnight.  Dominic has come to expect the three of us to do our little "Daddy, Mommy and La-La Show."  Even if he is exhausted and half falling asleep, he will stay awake until the three of us have done our thing!  Do you and your kids have a certain routine that you like to do at night?  I would love to hear :)  This is Mr. Dominic "pretending" to sleep.  Sweet dreams, my boy!

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