Saturday, July 20, 2013

A Rough "Re-entry"

We recently returned home after being "on the road" for about ten days.  We visited family and friends back on the East Coast and it was a great trip. Going to Maryland, we did it in one day - it takes about 10 hours. Coming back home, we stopped in Cleveland for the night. It's nice to break up the trip a bit, since it's only about 3 1/2 hours back to our house.  I'm glad that we have our minivan (especially on long trips), because it gives us lots of space. We have over 150,000 miles on it, but it keeps on going!!  Whenever we travel, the first thing we do when we get back home is unpack the car.  Since we were traveling for over a week, our minivan was packed with stuff.  It took a little while to unload everything.  The hubby is very predictable after a trip, he will take his suitcase upstairs, unpack it all, and then announce to me that he is already unpacked. This time, Lauren also unpacked her suitcase quickly, I think because she didn't have many clean clothes left and she was hoping the "laundry staff" would do a few loads.  A few hours after we got home, Lauren and I went to church and then headed to Kroger to get some essentials, like milk.  We got home and then the hubby needed to run a errand.  We had dinner in shifts, the kids first and then the hubby and I later.   On the Monday that we returned, the hubby went back to work, Lauren had an appointment and Dominic had music therapy.  On Tuesday, Dominic went back to summer school.  The rest of that week was jam packed and we all had multiple things going on every day.  I, like the hubby, am also predictable after a trip.  I NEVER unpack my suitcase as soon as we get home.  It typically takes me the better part of a week to fully unpack. Sometimes the suitcase makes it upstairs to my room, sometimes it spends a few days in the middle of the living room floor.  I think it's actually easier to keep it there, because it's only about 25 feet from the washer and dryer. Why take all the dirty clothes upstairs, just to bring them back down to wash them?!?!?! Yesterday, neither kid had anything going on all day - the first time since we've been back from our vacation.  The two of them just "chilled" all day - I think they were both completely exhausted.  I was telling the hubby that coming back from a vacation is kind of like "re-entering" the earth's atmosphere - sometimes it can be a bit of a "rough" landing!  You go from not really having a schedule or a routine to having one again.  How about you? how long does it take until you and your family are back to your routines after a vacation??  A few days?  a week?? longer??

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