Tuesday, July 9, 2013

An Empty Seat Filled

A handful of years ago, an older gentleman that my whole family knows, lost his wife of over 50 years.  Her passing was pretty sudden and I remember being in shock when I first heard she had died.  The hubby and I went to her viewing to pay our respects.  When it came time for some prayers, I looked over and saw that there was an empty seat next to him.  I waited a few moments to see if anyone was going to sit next to him and no one did.  I decided to go over and sit with him.  It just didn't seem right that he didn't have anyone next to him.  We were unable to go to her funeral, but I kept thinking that there must be something else that our family could do to help him through this time of grief.  Since I love to cook and bake, the most natural thing for me to do was to do that.  Making him a meal and taking it over to his house would have been nice, but then he would be eating it by himself. I decided that I wanted to invite him over to our house for dinner.  I always make more than enough and our friend had very few food dislikes, so I could pretty much make him anything :)  He seemed very happy to come over for dinner that first time.  I can't remember what I served that night, but I do know that he was very appreciative.  When he was getting ready to leave and was thanking us, I said something like, "this isn't a one-time deal, we want you to come back soon for dinner!"  I think he was a little taken aback, because I'm pretty sure he thought it would just be that one time.  We invited our friend to dinner several more times after that first time.  A few years ago, he met a very sweet woman who would eventually become his wife.  The hubby and I went to his wedding and our friend never stopped smiling the entire time.  His new wife is super nice and the two of them make a great couple.  I had to really restrain myself to not be crying all over the place.  Now that he's a happily married man, we don't see him as often, but that's okay, the empty seat at his dinner table is now filled.


  1. This is so sweet Cathy, thanks for sharing it -- Maureen, Detroit News

  2. Thanks for taking the time to comment!


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