Monday, March 31, 2014

Making an Impact

Yesterday, we could actually be outside in a sweatshirt and not be cold!  I had a light jacket on Dominic and he told me the sun was too "hot." The temperature in the shade was 43 degrees :) Yes, it's been such a long winter that even 43 feels "toasty."  Anyways, the kids and I spent a few hours outside soaking up the rays and they started playing on the swing set in our backyard.  There is a set of rings and Lauren started doing back flips.  She looked at Dominic and said something like, "do you want me to teach you how to do that?" He of course said yes!  It warmed my heart to see her be so patient, but more importantly, encouraging with him, even when he fell.

It took him a handful of times, but he mastered it!!

When he did it by himself the first time, he said proudly, "I did it!" Each time he did it after that, Lauren and I clapped for him.  The two questions Lauren has heard since her senior year began has been, "where do you want to go to college?," followed by, "and what will you study?" She has known for awhile that she wants to work with kids and make an impact on their lives. With less than two months left of high school, thinking about her future has been HUGE on her mind lately.  When she got Dominic to do the back flip, she looked right at me and said, "I think I want to be a teacher." Little kids have always been drawn to her and she has some keen insight having a special needs sibling. This morning, someone asked her what she wanted to major in when she goes to college. She responded confidently, "Early Childhood Education."  I was telling her yesterday that she will do well in whatever she does in the future, she's already made such a huge impact on her little brother :)

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