Thursday, March 6, 2014

Winter Visitors

Before I moved to the Midwest, over 12 years ago, I would see deer once in a while in my old neighborhood, mostly because we lived down the street from a large park in Maryland.  Well, that is certainly not the case in our yard here. This winter has been so cold and harsh, that within an hour of tossing out some old bread scraps this past Wednesday morning, these guys or gals, (who frequent our yard often - you can tell by their tracks in the snow) showed up to pay me a "visit."

This one looked sad and was shivering so much, that I felt like inviting it inside to keep warm while I waited for some muffins to get done baking :) Perhaps the smell of cinnamon was luring my friend close to the window??

A few seconds before I snapped this picture, the poor deer had stuck it's nose in our bird feeder hoping for some water.  I can only imagine how thirsty he or she must be. A few weeks ago, while sitting at our kitchen table, I saw something white go past our back deck out of the corner of my eye.  Upon closer investigation, I determined it was a possum.  I called Lauren and Dominic over to the sliding back door to take a look. When I asked Dominic what kind of animal he thought it was, he said, "cat."  Not quite, but I guess it looked like one to him!!!!! Well, winter can't go on forever, right?? Spring is just a few weeks away (bringing with it warmer weather hopefully). I'm sure my deer "buddies" will be glad to hear that!!

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