Saturday, March 22, 2014

"Surprise" Savings

Last Sunday afternoon, while Dominic was at his religious education class, I headed over to my local Sears to pass the time until his class was done.  I am on the hunt for dress pants with an elastic band in a boys size 8-10 for his Holy Communion, so if anybody knows where I can find a pair let me know! Anyways, after I looked around and didn't find any, I did notice that all of their winter clothes were marked down.  Since I had a 15% off coupon, I figured I could probably get some good deals.  I found a sweater for myself that had been marked down to $7.99 and a long sleeve shirt for Dominic that was $3.99.  I figured with my coupon, I would pay about $10.00 for both. As I headed towards the register, the gal said, "do you have a Shop Your Way Rewards card?"  I told her yes.  Those cards are free and it keeps track of any "points" you may have.  I told her I thought I had about a $1.00 or so on the card.  She looked up my account and told me I had $10.00 in "surprise" points!!!  Wow, I didn't even know. I already had out my credit card and was going to pay with that.  Well, the final total was 18 cents after using my 15% off coupon.  Yep, you heard me!  I shoved the credit card back in my wallet and pulled out a quarter instead.

I looked up my Shop Your Way Rewards card balance on-line a few days ago and guess what? I have "surprise" points worth $5.00 to spend and they expire this coming Tuesday.  Since Dominic has another religious education class tomorrow afternoon, take a guess where I'll be!!!

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