Friday, April 5, 2013

Bad Behavior

Is anyone else sickened by the way the Rutgers head basketball coach treated his players in practices??  If you haven't heard about it yet, a tape surfaced earlier this week showing the head coach throwing basketballs, using bad language and pushing the players around. He had evidently exhibited that type of behavior for a few years.  Top officials found out about it four months ago, but didn't discipline the coach very much at the time.  What I found disturbing is, what if this tape never surfaced? How long would this coach have been able to get away with this type of behavior? In my opinion, this coach was a bully!  On Wednesday, he was fired. Today, the athletic director resigned.  I was asking my husband if he ever had a coach that acted similar to the coach at Rutgers.  He was telling me when he played baseball, he had a coach that would use the "f" word at practices. My hubby was only about 11 or 12 at the time.  He said he never told his parents about it.   How in the world is using foul language around a bunch of preteen boys supposed to motivate them to play better???  My husband said that the coach didn't use bad language at the games.  I guess if he did, it probably wouldn't have sat too well with the parents.  In all my years of playing sports, I don't remember any coaches that ever came close to the type of bad behavior the Rutgers coach exhibited. I feel sorry for the basketball players that had to put up with that type of abuse from their coach.  My hubby was saying that most of the players were probably there on scholarship.  If they would have complained or quit the team, they ran the risk of not being able to attend college.  They probably felt they were in a no-win situation.  Coaches are there to help their players be good athletes and set a good example for their team.  Respect from players is not something that magically appears, it has to be earned. Did you ever quit a sports team when you were growing up because of a bad coach? Have your kids? 

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