Friday, April 19, 2013

Just Five or Ten Minutes

I had someone (whose opinion I greatly respect), tell me recently a good way to relax.  She told me to close my eyes and clear my mind of any "clutter" for just five or ten minutes every day.  As moms, we are always trying to stay one step ahead of everything.  We're thinking of what to make for dinner, which kid needs to get to which activity, does each child have a clean outfit to wear to school tomorrow, etc.  Moms are really good at multitasking - we can be talking on the phone and making dinner at the same time. Trying to find just five or ten minutes to fully 100% relax in a jam-packed day can sometimes be difficult.  I have written before about my husband doing yoga for a long time, like for close to 40 years. He does it every morning to help him prepare for his day ahead.  I have tried to do yoga in the past and found that I couldn't settle my mind down long enough to fully relax. Exercise is a good way to relax and I have gotten back into my walking regimen again, but even when I walk, I'm thinking about everything I need to do when I get back home - I make a list in my head of what I need to accomplish for the day.  I'm going to work hard on getting some of that "clutter" out of my head. I really think I need to because for about the past three weeks, I have woke up at 4 a.m. most mornings, because even when I'm sleeping, I must not be completely relaxing!!  How about you? do you find time in your day to clear your mind for just five or ten minutes??

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