Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Dinner Out with the Family

We rarely go out for dinner during the week.  Tonight was an exception because the hubby had a coupon to get a free deep dish pizza at a local restaurant that expired at midnight. I should have had an inkling that the dinner might not go well, because even though we had a reservation, we still had to wait a bit to be seated. As the hostess was taking us to our table, she asked my husband how many kid's menus we wanted.  Since Lauren is almost 17, I don't think she was too pleased that the hostess was asking us that question :(  Anyways, after we sat down, the hubby was telling me there were free appetizers if you ordered a "drink."  He seemed to think that applied to any kind of drink (alcoholic or not). After clarifying with the waiter that the "drink" had to be a beer, only the hubby was entitled to the free appetizers, since Lauren was drinking a pop and Dominic and I were drinking water. We didn't have to wait a long time before our pizza came out.  The waiter put it in the middle of the table and left.  As my husband was in the process of trying to move his appetizer plate out of the way to put his pizza plate down, he dumped the entire contents of his appetizer plate all over the front of his pants.  After a few minutes of trying to clean himself up, he decided it was best to go to the restroom and do a more thorough job of cleaning his pants. As I started cutting up a piece of pizza for Dominic, I noticed his slice had a piece of meat in it.  Since we ordered a cheese pizza, I figured a piece had accidentally slipped in somehow. No big deal, I just pushed the piece of meat to the side. Just as I was finishing cutting up Dominic's slice of pizza, the waiter appeared.  He said, "I gave you the wrong pizza!"  I was like, "I was kind of wondering since I found some meat in it."  He proceeded to tell me that our cheese pizza was in the window ready to be brought out.  He carted away the wrong pizza and in a few minutes brought back the correct one.  A few minutes after that my husband returned from the restroom.  When he sat down, I told him we ordered another pizza.  He looked at me like I had three heads. We then explained what had happened.  When my husband was reaching for a piece of our "new" pizza, he accidentally flipped the piece over and it landed upside down on his plate.  He said, "maybe I just need to go home and go to bed!"  I did the same exact thing with one of the pieces of pizza I ate too.  Lauren then hit her glass of pop by accident and said, "I almost knocked over my drink!"  We finished up our meal, put on our coats and started heading towards the front door to leave.  As we started opening the door we heard a voice say, "sir, did you forget this?"  It turns out we had left our "doggie bag" on the table.  It was quite a dining adventure with the family.  Yikes, I think maybe we need to think twice before we go out again during the week for dinner.  Actually, after tonight's events, the next time has to be an improvement!

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