Saturday, April 27, 2013


I had an acquaintance tell me once that she would never put her younger son in her older son's outgrown clothes. She only wanted him to wear new clothes.  I was so astounded at the time by what she said, you could have knocked me over with a feather.  I love hand-me-downs and I have never turned them down from anybody!!! The picture below is my grandmother holding Lauren.  She is wearing a dress that belonged to me.

I have hung on to that dress and I'm hoping that when Lauren gets married and has children, that she has a daughter who will be able to wear it :) When Lauren was little, I bought her a really cute pink denim jacket, that I'm pretty sure cost $1.00.  I lost track of how many compliments I got on that jacket!! Yard sales and consignment stores are also great places to find hand-me-down clothes. When Lauren did competitive gymnastics I was a "regular" at my local consignment store.  Anybody who has kids in that sport knows how expensive those leotards can be!!  I love the consignment store for myself. I have found some nice formal dresses in there. My best friend used to give me the best hand-me-downs for Lauren from her daughter as you can see from the picture below. 

When we go to visit my friend, she still gives us hand-me-downs, which I think is super cool, considering our "girls" are now teenagers!  Dominic's godmother gave him a bunch of her son's outgrown clothes.  He was able to wear them up until very recently.  I am keeping a small bag of Lauren and Dominic's favorite clothes, but I have moved 95% of their outgrown clothes along to others. How about you? are you a fan of hand-me-downs?? 

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