Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Customer Service

Customer service to me is extremely important. Sometimes it's one strike and you're out!!  Last year on my daughter's birthday we went to a local restaurant. We got terrible service, my stepson got sick from the food he ate and they completely forgot to sing my daughter "Happy Birthday" like we asked them to.  I was so upset about it, that I went home and wrote a letter telling the restaurant manager about our bad experience.  Within a few weeks, I got a letter of apology and a gift certificate.  A handful of years ago, I signed my daughter up for a camp at a pottery place here in town.  When I went in to drop her off for the camp, I was told there was no such camp and the clerk made me feel really stupid!  Again, I wrote a note complaining and I got a gift certificate.  I'm sorry, but a gift certificate is a nice gesture, but I have not been back to either place since my bad experiences and don't plan to anytime soon.  Conversely, I have sent e-mails and called companies to tell them when I get exceptional service.  Just about every company or business out there has a website packed full of information to help you know who to contact or where to write if you have good or bad service. When you go somewhere and you like it, don't you tell other people about it? The same goes if you don't like it too, doesn't it?  Since November of last year, I have been dealing with a travel insurance company on behalf of my father.  When I booked my dad's flight for him to come visit us last Fall,  he purchased flight insurance. My mom ended up being hospitalized during the week he should have been here, so he cancelled the flight.  I thought it would be easy to get his money back. Boy, was I wrong!!  I have sent a few letters, called the company several times, and sent numerous e-mails.  As of today, he still hasn't received his money!  Now, the company will need to stop payment on the check they supposedly sent him a month ago and reissue him another check!! I  really wish I would have checked the Better Business Bureau website before I used this particular company, they have 564 complaints!!!  At this point, I'm like a dog with a bone, I'm not letting go.  That money belongs to my father. When he finally gets his reimbursement check and cashes it at his bank (which hopefully will be in 7-10 business days),  I am sending a note to the president of the company expressing my disappointment in how long this has taken, we are heading towards six months!!! I kind of find that a bit ridiculous, don't you????

Update: my dad FINALLY got his reimbursement check on May 5!!

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