Friday, January 3, 2014

A Semi-Empty "Nest"

Now that Lauren has heard back from all the colleges that she applied to, there are decisions to be made in the next few months.  We do know this for sure, she will not be commuting to school - she will be living on campus at least one hour or more away, depending on which school she chooses.  Dominic is very used to having Lauren around.  Her leaving for college will be a HUGE adjustment for him.


We got a little "preview" of what it will be like when she leaves our "nest."  Her best friend has been visiting her this week from out of town and we have barely seen Lauren.  With Lauren having her own car, she and her friend have been able to take themselves wherever they have needed to go.  Yesterday, Dominic was wondering where she was.  I told him that she was going to a sleepover and we wouldn't be seeing her again until Friday.  He said, "good night La-La," even though she wasn't here because he is used to her giving him a kiss every night when he goes to bed. Dominic is close to his older brother and since we Skype him just about every week and see him a handful of times a year, Dominic is able to remain very connected to him.

Dominic has not grown up seeing his brother every day like he has with Lauren, so I think it will be a little harder for him when she leaves for college. While Dominic is rigidly set in some of his routines, he is also pretty adaptable.  I think as long as we show him on a calendar when Lauren will be gone and we keep in touch with her on Skype the way we do with my stepson, I think my littlest baby "bird" will adjust just fine. Wish I could say the same for Mama and Papa "bird!"


  1. My 17yo daughter with moderate cerebral palsy had a fairly easy time adjusting to her older sister (now 19yo) leaving home for college. I mean, it wasn't "easy" but nearly as bad as I expected. She emailed her every day and wrote letters with drawings once a week. We Skyped at least weekly too. Plus I think visiting her school and knowing what her room/apartment looked like helped. I hope it's as smooth for your family as well! (Visiting from Love That Max)

  2. Thanks so much for taking the time to read my post :) I think that Dominic will have an easier time than the hubby and I! But, we know that Lauren needs to spread her "wings!"


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