Friday, January 31, 2014

First Cars

When I was growing up, my "dream" car was a T-Top Camaro. My first car ended up being my parents old station wagon!  I then owned a Hyundai and after that, I bought a Geo Storm.  I had a sunroof installed, so it was sort of like a T-Top!!

I LOVED my Geo Storm.  I definitely thought I was pretty cool driving that car around!!!!  I still owned my silver "baby" when I gave birth to Lauren. I learned real quick that it was not a good car to tote an infant around in.  You had to be a contortionist to strap a baby seat in the backseat. Sadly, I had to say "good bye" to my Geo Storm and for the past 12 or so years I have been driving a minivan :) Watching Lauren own and drive her first car brought back memories of when I got my first car. It's interesting how we acquired her vehicle. When the hubby was at the car shop in the late Spring of 2013 picking up one of our other cars, he was chatting with the service guy and said, "hey, do you know anyone that is selling a good, reliable used car?"  The guy standing in line behind my hubby said, "yes, me!" He was selling the car for a  reasonable price (we were VERY lucky)!  I think that car was meant to be hers - she LOVES her car as much as I loved my Geo Storm!!!  It's given her more independence which she was craving. When I found this old picture a few days ago, I took a drive down "memory" lane. But, that's okay, it was a fun "ride!"

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