Monday, January 20, 2014

Pajamas and Dress Pants

For the past couple of weeks, I have been on the "hunt" for a pair of pajamas with feet for Dominic.  Since he went through a growth spurt, he has only one pair that fit him from last winter.  He has been wearing them so much he already has a rip near the shoulder and a hole in one of the feet. He really needed one more pair of pajamas since the weather here lately has been like living at the North Pole! I don't foresee a "thaw" for at least several more weeks :)  I figured I could just go back to the store and buy him another pair in his size. Well, guess what?  They didn't have any in the store or online in his size.  I then tried two other stores (I went in person and tried online) and the only pajamas with feet they carried only went up to size 6.  Dominic needs at least an 8.  I gave up looking for pajamas with feet for him and ended up buying a two-piece pajama set on the clearance rack of all places!  Even finding that was a challenge since I wanted the top to be long sleeved.  The stores are already putting out pajamas with short sleeves!! Good grief.  I thought Dominic might give me a hard time about wearing the new pajamas since he's become pretty attached to his one and only pair with the feet, but he willingly wore them to bed last night. Maybe even he was getting tired of wearing the "old" pajamas seven days a week!!  Anyways, yesterday afternoon, Lauren and I were on a different kind of clothing "hunt."  She was invited to participate in an event at school that requires her to wear dress pants. I think the last time she had to wear dress pants was back in elementary school (I'm not kidding). When I was out last Friday looking for the pajamas for Dominic, I did a preliminary search for the pants and found a ton in the petite section that I thought were great.  Well, Lauren didn't think so. She thought they looked too "old ladyish."  I said, "like me???" She said, "no, older than you!"  Hmm, well luckily this store had many to choose from, so we headed over to the junior section.  We found a bunch for her to try on, but she is in an in-between size, so it was kind of a bust. We then headed over to another store and had the same problem there finding any that fit her - they were either too small or too big! Lauren is like Goldilocks - looking for just the right size!  I'm starting to get a little stressed about finding Lauren some dress pants, but we still have eight more days until the event at school - wish us luck (we'll need it) !!!!!!!!

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