Monday, August 20, 2012

A Reminder

I got a "reminder" recently of how far Dominic has come and yet how far he has to go as far as communicating.  Last Thursday was his last day of summer school.  When he got off his bus in the early afternoon, he seemed okay, but as the afternoon wore on, he became extremely disoriented.  I could not get him to look at me when I called his name and when I asked him to turn on the microwave, even though I was telling him where the start button was he kept reaching above the button.  He has turned on the microwave numerous times, so the fact he couldn't do it on top of him being really disoriented really freaked me out.  I was thinking maybe he was having a mini-stroke. Yes, it was that scary :( The only other time he acted like this was on a Saturday morning a few years ago.  He woke up normally, but late morning, he started staggering around, collapsed and we called 911 and had an ambulance come because I thought he was having a seizure.  After some testing (and a visit to the local hospital), it was determined he gets migraines.  He had another migraine shortly after the 911 adventure and this time, I let him lie down on the couch and rest/sleep until he felt better.  Dominic has gotten really good at telling us when something hurts.  A few weeks ago, he went looking for a Band-Aid.  He used to despise them, but within the past couple of years he has gone to the other extreme - always wanting one!!  I asked him why he wanted a Band-Aid, he said his eye hurt.  He put a Band-Aid over his eye for a few hours until it started feeling better.  I guess in his mind, a Band-Aid means it will make something hurt feel better.  When he was acting so disoriented this time, I could get his attention briefly and then lose it again.  We have gotten so used to him being able to communicate with us, to let us know how he is feeling, the fact that I couldn't have him tell me had me really scared. What we finally figured out around dinnertime, was that he was most likely very hungry, very thirsty or had another migraine.  At school on Thursday, they had made sugar cookies and I'm thinking he mostly ate that and not his lunch.  Too much sugar was most likely the culprit.  I think as parents we worry about our kids.  I worry extra about Dominic because of his special needs. I will keep working on teaching him to let us know when he isn't feeling well. He has come a really long way communicating his needs and wants, but he still has loads to go.  Dominic was feeling like himself again by the weekend, thank goodness!! He really likes to keep us on our toes :)


  1. Scary experience for you and probably for Dominic. Too much sugar can make on not feel well. Let's hope it was too much sugar and then the letdown as it dissapates and the real hunger arises. We learn from every experience especially with kids. That is why they are kids. Love to all, Auntie

  2. It was very scary - but he is definitely back to his old self :) Love you!


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