Thursday, August 30, 2012

Gas Stations

On our car trip back from the East Coast this summer, we stopped at a handful of gas stations to "fill up."  At one of the stations that we stopped at, as the hubby was getting ready to hop out and pump the gas, we heard something that sounded like someone was yelling at us.  I thought maybe it was somebody saying we cut them off at the pump :(  As it turned out, it was an attendant at the gas station asking us what kind of gas we wanted!  It was a full-service gas station :)  Wow, I don't even know the last time I saw one of those!!  Back in the day (I was born in 1963), that's they way all gas stations were, now most are self-serve. They remodeled the gas station that I frequent the most in town.  A few weeks ago when I was pumping gas into our van I took a look at the pump.  It had a screen attached to the pump with advertisements for the various products you could buy inside the gas station going across the screen. Pretty clever marketing - you kind of have to look at it while you're pumping the gas :)  Inside the station, you could buy just about anything!  In a way it's kind of good, what if you were on your way home, but needed some milk.  It's usually more expensive, but it's definitely convenient. Most of the gas stations I remember going to growing up had restrooms and possibly a little stand where you could get the newspaper, some chips, candy bars or soda pop.  I've seen more than one gas station with  a restaurant attached to it.  I do like that I don't have to go inside to pay for my gas.  Especially if I have one or both of the kids with me.  That's a convenience I definitely like!  If you can remember the days of full-service gas stations, do you miss having them? I think most people these days are so busy, they probably prefer just getting their gas by themselves and keep on going!

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