Saturday, August 11, 2012

House "Rules"

I was thinking the other day about an old friend of Lauren's that she used to have frequent play dates with.  This little girl would run full blast through the rooms of our house.  When she would visit, I would have to gently remind her no running was allowed inside our house.  It was one of our "rules."  Maybe she was allowed to run at her own house and thought it was okay here.  Different house, different rules.  When you're a guest in another family's home, you follow that family's rules. In some families there is no set bedtime, others have very strict bedtimes. I think having a set bedtime for the school year is a good rule, kids crave routine. Some families only eat their meals at the kitchen table, others eat wherever!  A major rule when I was growing up was no television or radio could be on during mealtimes.  The hubby grew up in a household where the television or radio was always on!!  That took some getting used to when we would visit the in-laws.  They had their radio on the kitchen table :)  I haven't gone as far as typing up a list of rules, laminating and posting it, but if that works for your family, I say go for it!!

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