Monday, August 27, 2012

Water "Babies"

We went to the beach over the weekend.  When we told Dominic we were planning on going to the beach, he thought we were going to Jamaica.  That is where we went at Spring Break and I had to explain to him that we didn't need to go all the way down  there just to go to a beach :)  As soon as we put all of our stuff down on our beach blanket, he couldn't wait to take off his shoes, etc. and run right into the water.

The waves were relatively tame and Dominic had a great time body "surfing."  He got wiped out once, but quickly recovered.  A few times I tried to lift him up before a big wave came and he got kind of mad at me because he wanted  to ride the "wave."  Lauren, Dominic and I are big water "babies."  I grew up going to the beaches of the Eastern Shore of Maryland.  Near a beach or the water is still where I am the happiest.  Even now, that is my favorite kind of vacation.  This summer has most definitely been the hottest one I can remember since we have been living in the Midwest.  We had several days in the 90's, which is pretty unusual.  Dominic spent a lot of time indoors this summer.  Lately he has been telling me, "headache, stomachache, shade."  I think he's trying to tell me that the sun has just been too hot for him this summer and it doesn't make him feel well.  It was a warm day at the beach yesterday, but kind of overcast, so it was good.  We have toyed with the idea of joining a pool, but we like hanging out in our backyard with a sprinkler and a hose.  I bought a Slip 'N Slide a few years ago and the hubby and I have even tried it a few times.  Thank goodness Lauren didn't take a picture of that :)  This is Dominic's favorite thing to do, pick up a bucket, fill it with water and toss the water at whoever is the closest.

He has tried to throw the water (including the bucket) at us and we have had to tell him you don't need to include the bucket when you're tossing water at somebody! See the little smirk on his face, he knows EXACTLY what he is doing :)

We belonged to a pool when I was growing up and it was okay, but it was always so crowded :)  To me all you need is a hose and a sprinkler to have a good time.

I heard  on the radio this morning that the temperatures will be in the 80's and 90's this weekend. I know where we'll be - the backyard!

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