Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Needing to "Censor" My Kid's Books??

Dominic started walking around saying, "shut up" to us a week or so ago.  We don't use that kind of language around here, so I was racking my brain trying to figure out where he would have heard it.  After listening to him read his favorite Thomas the Tank Engine book, I realized he got that phrase from one of the stories!!  Since he gets a reaction every time he says it, he thinks it's funny to say it.  He'll go around saying, "shut up" to all of us, smirk and then laugh.  I decided since he can read the Thomas book to himself, I better do something about it.  So, I took a pencil, crossed out "shut up" and put "be quiet." Lauren used to love the "Junie B. Jones" series of books when she was in elementary school.  It was written the way an elementary school girl spoke (not proper English).  I kept wanting to say the sentence the right way, but I guess that was the charm of the book.  I'm glad the hubby was the one that used to read that book to her most of the time!! I guess the other thing that bugged me about that book was that the little girl "Junie" could really be quite sassy at times.  That's my new favorite word, "sassy."  It's not a word you hear all too often.  I guess it's a word more from my childhood :)  Has anyone read the "Hunger Games?"  I read recently that the American Library Association has it number three on the top ten list of "challenged" books for 2011.   The classic, "To Kill a Mockingbird" is also on the list.  Do you "censor" what your kids read?  If you found a book objectionable, would you go as far as I did and cross a part out and change it? Dominic has not been saying "shut up" to us as much as he was, but he is still saying it.  He now says it and then goes, "Dominic, say, "be quiet!!"  Basically repeating back to me, what I say to him.  Hopefully the phrase, "shut up" is on it's way out the door!!

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