Thursday, August 23, 2012

School Pictures

This week was Lauren's first week of her junior year of high school.  She had to get her school pictures done on Monday.  I was thinking school pictures have come a pretty long way from the days when I would get my picture taken.  Usually it was one and done! Take one picture and the photographer would say, "next!"  Below is my senior picture.  As you can tell,  I was a big fan of perms. I really wish a friend would have handed me a comb and mirror before I got this picture taken. The only thing I see whenever I look at this picture is my bald spot right in the middle of my forehead. That, and my shiny lip gloss!

Now, you can add all kinds of features when you're getting your pictures taken.  The most expensive package Lauren's school was offering was $58.  That doesn't include "extras" like a premium retouch for an additional $12 :)  You can even get the pictures on a CD! When Dominic first started school he had his pictures taken.  They took a picture with him crying and snot coming out of his nose.  I promptly sent those back!! Yikes, why in the world would I want that picture?!?  Next summer, we will be getting Lauren's senior pictures done.  It's kind of exciting to be thinking about that.  I'm a big picture person.  On my mantelpiece right now I have a bunch of pictures in frames.  I love looking at them.  I carry around pictures in my purse.  Isn't that usually one of the first things a person will ask you? do you have any pictures of the kids?  I'm hoping that Lauren's junior pictures turned out well.  Dominic is the one whose school pictures don't always turn out the way I would like them :) I'll take this picture any day over the "snot" picture, though!

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